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OUR DOORS ARE OPEN! We are very excited to be opening up for those smiling faces once again.  Now more than ever our members need our programs and staff connections to remind them that better things are coming.  We are developing indoor/outdoor activities, crafts, and STEM activities, social recreation, tech time, sports, and more all while adhering to the new social distancing and health guidelines.  We are doing our very best to ensure all program content we offered in the past is included.   Feel free to check out the addendum to our safety policy and procedures to include COVID-19 guidelines on the link below. All staff is available via email using the contacts on our Administrative Contact Page. 

PROGRAMS AND RATES: (Please note: out of district members are welcome)

Saftey and Policies

While open, the Club will be implementing several strict COVID 19 policies and procedures to keep students and staff safe.  New procedures include:

- Parents will not be allowed to enter the building under any circumstance.  Parents

will drop-off campers curbside and stay in the car with face covering. Staff will sign your

child each day. Staff members are required to wear a face-covering throughout the

day. No child under the age of two is allowed to wear a face covering. Face coverings

for children is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. 

- Daily health screenings of campers and staff will be done curbside. This will include

some simple questions, temperature reading, and observation.

- Campers cleared will sanitize their hands upon entering the building.

- Each camper will be escorted with social distancing to their designated space.

- Campers are limited to bring only their lunch box. Nap sheets will be taken home daily

to be laundered.

-Ultra Violet Disinfectant Lamps will be used while the building is not in use to kill bacteria and viruses in the air. Learn more:

- Each nap mat is labeled and designated to each child.

- Nap mats will be sanitized daily.

- Campers and staff will be assigned to a room and will use this room for the entire camp

day, except for scheduled bathroom breaks and outside play. Each group will have a

designated playground time solely for that group. We will have each room set up to

include similar daily activities. Supplies are restricted to their group only. We will not

be sharing supplies between groups.

- Groups are limited to 10 children each. (this may change over the course of the summer

but for now this is what was listed by the CDC and DCF)

- Bathroom breaks will be scheduled and sanitized after each visit.

- Meals will be scheduled and limited to their designated room. No outside food vendors

or deliveries will be permitted this year. Your child must bring all snacks, drinks and

lunch with them each day.

- Each room will be thoroughly sanitized each night. Common areas of the room will be

sanitized throughout the day based on usage and student traffic.

- Campers will be brought out to a parent’s car when they arrive for pick up. Staff will

identify the appropriate persons authorized to pick up and sign off they are cleared. No

parent sign out at this time. Please try to have the same person pick up as much as

possible to ease the pickup procedure.

- Camp payments can be made over the phone, via email or with communication

envelopes available at curbside stations.

All staff is available via email using the contacts on our Administrative Contact Page. 




As we prepare to open our doors again, we recognize that many families have experienced devastating losses during the current Coronavirus Crisis. 

Your gift will allow children of families experiencing financial difficulties due to the Coronavirus pandemic and other hardships to continue to attend BGCNWNJ programs, including our early education and after-school programs, vacation and summer camps, leadership clubs, and sports teams.