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19 Oak Avenue, Pequannock, NJ 07440          973-633-9007

2019/2020 Travel Basketball Try-Out Dates:

Attendance at two tryouts is preferred.  All players must attend at least one try out to be eligible to play travel basketball.

Inclement weather would force us to use another facility and all info will be posted on our web page and facebook page.

*We added an extra tryout for our 5th Grade Boys:

Wednesday  October 16th - 7:00-8:30pm at Boys and Girls Club of Pequannock

Tuesday  October 15th

Grade                             TIME                            LOCATION

3rd  Grade Boys            6:00-7:15pm          B & G Club PQ

3/4th Grade Girls           7:15-8:30pm         B & G Club PQ

Saturday October 19th

Grade                         TIME                   LOCATION

6th Grade Boys        9:00-10:15am      N Boulevard

5th Grade Boys        10:15-11:30am   N. Boulevard

5th Grade Girls        11:30-12:45pm     N. Boulevard


8th  Grade Boys       9:00am-10:15am     Hillview

8th Grade Girls        10:15am-11:30am   Hillview

7th Grade Boys        11:30- 12:45pm       Hillview

7th Grade Girls        12:45-2:00pm          Hillview


3rd Grade Boys         9:00-10:15am          B&G Club PQ

4th Grade Boys         10:15-11:30am       B&G Club PQ

3rd & 4th Girls           11:30-12:45pm        B&G Club PQ