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Street Hockey

19 Oak Avenue, Pequannock, NJ 07440          973-633-9007

Registration is due April 6th 2020

Grades: Kindergarten through 8th 

All Games will be played at the Randall Athletic Hockey Rink located at 19 Oak Avenue in Pequannock 

Program runs from mid-April to June.

Our Street Hockey program will be made up of the following divisions: 

Division Days
Kindergarten Monday and/or Thursday
Biddy (grades 1 and 2) Monday and Thursday
Intermediate (grades 3 and 4) Tuesday and Thursday
Junior (grades 5 to 8) Thursday and Friday

All children will be placed on a team regardless of experience or ability.
We cannot honor requests for children to be placed on a team with a specific coach.

Players must supply their own gloves, elbow pads, kneepads and shin guards. The Boys & Girls Club of Pequannock will provide goalie equipment for goalies. 

Click below to download at the registration form for more information such as dates, times, and prices!